Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grey Cup Winner

Okay, so this weekend is the big Blue Bombers are going against someone else...don't know who, but I know it's a big weekend for lots...I love football live, but not so much on tv...however, I happened to score big time for this year's Grey Cup....I won a hamper!

Our Coop often has draws for various things.  I don't really pay attention, I just sign the slip and put my phone number on it.  Yesterday though, I happened to go in as I needed to use up the last of my money for breakfast program and I saw my name on the wall.  It announced that I had won the Grey Cup hamper!!  Well, I am not usually a winner, so I was shocked.  I didn't get to pick it up until tonight, and honestly, I hit the jackpot.  The amount of things I got probably totalled over $100 from my coop...

So here's what I got:

  • 1 case Diet Pepsi
  • 1 case Pepsi
  • 1 case 7-Up
  • 24 pack Crush Soda
  • 6 bags of chips
  • 1-50 pack styrofoam plates
  • 3-1 L orange juice
  • 1 box of oranges
  • 1 bag of peanuts
  • 1 mixed container of nuts and chocolate
  • 1 pack of forks
  • 40 plastic cups
  • 1-250 pack of napkins
  • 2 boxes of wings
  • 22 pizza pops
  • 2 boxes of crackers
  • 2 bottles tomato clam juice
  • 1 container hot chocolate mix
  • 1 jar of pickles
  • 2 ham sausage rings
  • 1 roll pepperoni
  • 1 roll salami
  • 1 huge block cheese
  • 1 onion soup mix
  • 1 sour cream container
I feel extremely blessed to have won but in all honesty, I don't need this much food.  I already gave away the case of Diet Pepsi as I gave up diet drinks altogether, and honestly, a lot of it I plan on taking to school and using for the kids Christmas party and as part of the kids breakfast program that I run.  Here's a few pictures of a bit of the stuff....

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