Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Just to let you all know that I still have no phone or internet which explains why posts are sporadic right now...any time I do post, it's from work (and only when I'm not chasing after kids)!  If I don't get to say it before the 25th, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Plans for My Small Space...

So my tiny little home...it still sits empty without my stuff.  I'll be sleeping on an air mattress until the 23rd when the moving truck comes.  I'm going to be thrilled when I get my stuff to make this house a home...

My plans though are to stick with the same color scheme throughout the whole house.  I think by sticking with the same colors, it'll just flow better and make the rooms flow better...The color scheme?  Purples, browns, greys, with touches of cream and blue. 

I do need to buy some furniture and I need to find a sofa.  With my dogs, the only choice I truly feel that I have is the leather...so I could be sitting on a lawn chair until February.  I've been looking at some items that are like condo size, but their width is the same size as a lot of other furniture I've looked at.   One that I really like from just looking online is one from Leons.  It's only $400 from Leons and while I don't expect it's top quality, it would probably do me for at least 5 years. 

What are your thoughts on this one? 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Teacher??? This Weekend Only Get 20% Off!

Hey, if you're a teacher, then Scholar's Choice is offering 20% off this weekend (Friday and Saturday) if you go into their store to buy any teacher stuff.  If you want to buy online, it's 10% off and free shipping.  This counts as your automatic 10% off if you're already a member...

Biggest Tip to Save Money

So I've moved and completed a whole week of my new job.  For those of you who don't know, I moved across the province and accepted a job with a school division.  I am teaching grade four and it's going well.

But back to what this blog is about...cheapness...

Seriously, you want to save a lot of money???  Move to the stix where there is no where to go and no where to spend money.  You'll save tons!

Where I managed to find work and a house is 45 minutes apart from each other, so it has me spending about $20 or so a day on gas.  That's not bad...but it has me needing to look at new options for a vehicle and such.  However, where I live, is quite rugged, so I definitely won't be saving any money there...

But my house...well, it's less than 600 square feet I'm sure.  It's tiny, and I definitely need to start making some decisions on how I'm going to furnish it and make it stylish.  I still don't have most of my stuff...it's still back in my old place.  I did end up selling most of my furniture though as it did take up a lot of room.  So stay tuned to what I have in store and more tips on how to save $$$$$.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fresh Start

So it's official-I am moving across the province to a new home with a new job.  I found out the little house I looked at is mine.  Yup.  You heard me, mine!  I'm excited at having a place to live-it was my only option of housing as housing is that scarce.  It's definitely not a place I see myself staying long term, but for now, it's perfect.

Believe it or not, the big window on the left is actually a tiny little bedroom.  The small window on the left is the living room window.

To celebrate my new home, I bought the new edition of small homes...though I have one complaint-they have homes in there that are 2000 square feet and bigger.  I don't think that's small.  I'm hoping for some ideas as even though I don't see myself living there for a long period of time, I need to make it feel like a home and make it as functional as possible!

But still in the midst of this I have been busy packing, painting, trying to get things ready in a matter of a couple of days as i start the new job on Monday.  It may take a week or longer for me to get internet and everything up running, so you might not see a post for a week or so.  As it is, I'm moving without my furniture-that'll come later.  Seriously, I'll be sleeping on an air mattress for a couple of weeks!  It's worth it though.

So don't think I've abandoned this blog if you don't see a post for a week or two...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Possible New Home??

So the possible new home that I could be moving to (I find out tomorrow) is like half the size of what I live in now.  I'm going from 1200 square feet to maybe 600 or so?  It's tiny.  If I do get it, I made the right choice in selling my bigger pieces of furniture.  Seriously, it's tiny.  The bedroom is like just big enough to fit my bed and maybe a little nightstand?  This will definitely be a challenge for me (should I get it)...I'll keep you posted because we may need to start making plans!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am a Messy Painter...

I am a messy painter.  Maybe I should rephrase that, I am a HORRIBLE, MESSY, SLOPPY painter.  I get it all over me and splatter the floor quite well.  I am in the midst of priming my walls as I'm moving in only a couple of days and I am reminded of how much I hate painting walls.  I love the final result, but I hate it. 

Seriously, if I had the money, I would hire someone, but I don't.  I think there are jobs that we take on because we want something so bad that we're willing to take the risks.  Sometimes this is good, sometimes it has disasterous results.  The reality is I shouldn't be allowed to paint walls.  What's your reality?

Space Storage 2 in One

So by now, most of you probably know how in love I am with Nate Berkus and his show.  On an episode the other day, he focused a new modern family and helped them solve a dilemna for making a room function in different ways.  The challenge?  One room needed to be a child's bedroom for when they were in the home, a guest room, and a home office.  Nate mastered it by finding the neatest invention.  Take a look at the pictures to see for yourself!

Murphy bed with storage, called the Poppi Pointe.
 The Poppi Pointe, folded down.
This version is called the poppi board.  When the bed folds up, you're left with a desk area.   There's no need to even clear the mess on your desk!

These beds can be found at:  http://www.resourcefurniture.com/...Unfortunally, I have no idea of their cost...but aren't they incredible!

Running Around Like a Chicken with its Head Cut Off

The title says it all, but I'm doing great...I thrive under good pressure, and that's finally what I have...I'm moving, I secured a job and I can say good bye to being unemployed  as I've been for the last 6 months.  I just found out today and I'm ecstatic.  I feel really good about it.  I basically need to move under a week and right now am checking out my moving options...do I go with movers or do I go with a u-haul?  I'd rather go with a u-haul but I don't think I have the people there to help me.  Those closest to me are able to physically help (due to health reasons)...it's the cheaper route, but I don't know.  How do you make such a large move when it's basically you?

I'm getting rid of some of the bulkier things to save in moving costs, even though it could cost me money in the long run.  I've decided to sell my couch and love seat as they are simply too big.  There's other things for sale too, but I feel like I need to do it to save moving costs.  I'm okay with making a fresh start and using my single bed as a daybed for some time....

So, in the next week or two, you might not hear a lot from me...just warning you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates....

Okay so chocolates are sometimes a girl's best friend.  Sometimes you just need them.  Couple nights ago, I bought a small box of Lindt Chocolates for a Christmas present for someone.  Well, tonight I was craving chocolate so bad, I thought to heck with it, I'll open this pack, and I'll go and buy another one tomorrow using my grocery money.

When I opened it, I was left disgusted.  The pack was which around 750 grams, was on sale for $7.99.  They also had the three pack on sale for .99 cents.  Guess how many were in the $7.99 pack?  Only about six dollars worth of  them (if you compare it to the three pack on sale for .99 cents each).  I felt ripped off and the sad thing is that a lot of people are getting ripped off.  So am I going to buy the 750 grams pack?  Nope.  I'm going to buy a handful of the .99 cent packs and put them in a pretty bag to give to the person.  I'd rather get more for my money, wouldn't you???

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hoarding Groceries

You might be in denial because at one time or another, we have all hoarded groceries.  Who of us have not had our freezers packed, our fridges full or our shelves bulging?

I think back to when my grandmother died about 8 years ago.  To walk into her home, nothing seemed amiss or odd but as we started opening cupboards, pantries, and freezers, you couldn't help but be struck with horror.  She had food in her cupboards that were well over 6 years old.  Food in the freezer that should have been pink was frozen burnt brown.  My uncles said that she never learned how to adjust to not having a house full of people to cook for.  The sad thing was is that we threw out well over a thousand dollars worth of food.

Now, I know the majority of us don't have issues that are quite that bad but I think a lot of us don't know how to shop, shop without thinking, or have forgotten how to plan.  I am so guilty of buying products on sale that I think I'll use in a couple of months, only to not use them.  The other day, I pulled out 2 blocks of cream cheese-ya, they had expired 6 months ago.  I pull open my freezer...I found chicken breasts in there from 6 months ago...the fact was I wasted my money.  I never intended to, but I did.  That's probably true for most of us...

Here are some tips when considering stocking your shelves:

1.  Prethink your meal preparation.  We can make a lot of food using what we already have in our homes.  Plan to use those ingredients first before buying other products. 
2.  Only buy what you can consume for at the most a month.  I'm talking about cereal, soup, crackers, granola bars, popcorn, cake packages, etc.  If you're not going to use it within a month, chances are it's going to sit for a lot longer.  Be reminded that other foods may have a shorter life than that.  If that's hard for you to think about.  Think about this:  Don't you want to eat the freshest food???
3.  Shop with a list and shop using flier sales.  Make your list using what's available in the flier and plan around that.
4.  When you shop, make sure you have a place to store them that allows you to readily see what you have in your fridge or cupboards.  How many of us have bought things that we already had simply because we didn't see the food we already have?  (I'm also a big forgetter if I don't see it, I won't even remember I have it).

Tips for dealing with your food that you have  now:

1.  Clean your fridge out every week or two weeks, and your freezer out every month.  Check expiration dates and general look of food...if ice is building up in the frozen bread, chances are it's time to toss it.
2.  Arrange your food so that you can actually see what you have.  Put like products with like products.
3.  Go through spices and herbs.  Get rid of any that have sat for more than 6 months as once they've been opened, the quality decreases each day.
4.  Any food that has been sitting for months, but is still within the expiration time-ask yourself if you really plan on using it.  If not, toss or donate to a food bank.

Windshields and the Magic of Snow...

So the other day I was in the city and wouldn't you know it?  The thing that always happens whenever I'm in a city.  I ran out of washer fluid.  It was horrible.  I had wipes on me, so I wiped off the windshield and that left a filmy residue behind (way worse than before).  Well, my best friend Lisa had a trick (one her brother used to pull on his car)-grab snow....Grab snow put in on the windshield, and with a warm car and the wipes going back and forth, you get an awesome clean windshield....

Thanks Lisa!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winner Announced!!!

So the winner of the snowflakes and icicle display is....Amanda!!!!

Amanda if you can email me at j_phillips@hotmail.com your full address and last name, I'll get this off to you!!

Thanks to the others who participated!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Support Your Local Artists

I think some people get art, and some people don't.  By get, I mean truly appreciate the time, the energy, the cost, and the passion it takes to create something beautiful.  What I love about art is that it's unique to the individual.  What you're drawn to is a direct expression of yourself.  That's one of the reasons why I create. 

As a mosaics and stained glass artist, I don't create for fame or fortune, because I have none.  I create to express how I feel, I create to show my passions, and I create because I have to.  Art is within me and without it, I don't feel quite whole.

Sold; This is one of my favorite pieces to date...

My newest mosaic...not entirely sure whether I'll sell it or not.  I was inspired by Klimt, Van Gogh, and Natasha Wescoat

Stepping stone; in silver, mirrored burgandy, black and cream

A stepping stone made for my best friend.

A commissioned piece

Another commissioned piece; her mother loved roosters and the mother's boyfriend was into Harleys.  One of my most inspirational pieces as just as I was to begin putting this together, the mother's boyfriend passed away.

Art is a great gift and it can be made personal to the person you're giving it to.  I think most people consider art a sculpture or a painting, but really it's anything that's been hand crafted-from sewing, to decals, to photography, and wooden projects.  So often we buy generic gifts from Wal-Mart or The Bay which are really are just one of a thousand more like it.  Buy purchasing art, you truly get a one of a kind gift for the person you're buying for.  Something that people may not often realize is that you customize your gift by directly dealing with an artist.  You can choose design concepts, colors, pictures, etc.  You have much freedom to make the perfect gift.

Now, I know some of you like me live in rural places and may not know where to go to get that gift or may not be able to go due to weather conditions, etc.  Well, I have the perfect place for you.  A friend introduced this place to me and it is fabulous. Currently, I'm not selling my work on it, but I do plan to sometime in the future.  It's http://www.etsy.com/.  Etsy is a website that is like one giant shop for a whole bunch of artists.  You can find anything, at any price from the simple, to the creative, to the extreme, whatever you think of does exist.

Some of my favorites include (and these are profiles, so you just have to click on their shops from their profiles):

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fresh Start in the Same Old Place

Although I dropped a hint earlier that I might be moving, it's a no-go now.  I didn't get the amazing job-actually no one did.  They had what seemed like financial issues (in reading between the lines).  I must have made an impression because they actually said if and when they decide to repost, they'll give me a shout. 

So now I'm left with learning to love my place again.  Don't get me wrong, I have a great place but I really wanted a fresh start in a new place.  Now that that's not happening, I need to learn to love my place once again.  It does mean making some changes as money allows.

My first project??

My curio cabinet.  I was given this by my mother, who inherited it from her best friend Karen.  Karen fought a courageous battle with cervical cancer, but ultimately lost.  Karen was a brave spirit who fought to the end to ensure that her children's rights were protected.  She was truly an amazing woman.

While I think it's got great bones, it's finish is the old granny oak style.  I'm  very anti oak finish.  I'm not going to declare what I'm doing just yet, but I'll leave you this picture to wonder what exactly will I do?

P.S.  Just so you don't think I'm a bad daughter, I did get my mother's permission before attempting this project!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

So who doesn't love a great snowflake.  As mentioned in my giveaway, I was going to show you all how to make these.  An easy fun project, you can make a lot of snowflakes for very little money...

What you need:

Spray adhesive

This glitter from dollarama is awesome...buy a couple packages of each color set, and then mix the top 3 colors together to form one color set, and then mix the bottom 3 colors together to make another color set.  You end up with a glitter that's highly dimensional!

Plastic snowflakes
Notice how plain these are in their product selection?  They're beautiful but allow lots of room to jazz them up.  These were from dollarama.  You can 6 small ones for a buck or 3 medium for a buck.

Step 1:  Mix glitter together as described in picture above.

2.  Taking a plain snowflake, spray adhesive on one side (using paper to catch the rest of the spray).

3.  Place glued side in glitter.

5.  Press down and make sure glitter has evenly been distributed onto snowflake.

6.  Repeat steps for other side.

7.  Leave to dry properly on garbage bag.

8.  Tie nylon thread to hang.  Product will look like this (laying down).  See giveaway for a picture of it hanging up.

Hope you enjoy this easy craft that can be used throughout the winter season!

A Wreath to Die For!

So I have a handful of blogs that I follow on a daily basis on decorating, budgeting, etc.  One of my favorites, Kate from centsationalgirl posted an amazing wreath along with the instructions on how to diy.  Is it not breathtaking??  It's easily doable under $20 too if you know where to go to get your supplies!

To make this wreath yourself, head over to http://www.centsationalgirl.com/ for the instructions!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Ever Giveaway!

As promised, I am posting the giveaway on cheapchic.  I saw this in a magazine and thought I could easily recreate this without spending tons of money on it. 

Not the greatest picture of actually how pretty it looks, but what you'll receive is:
  • 1 large green snowflake
  • 1 small green snowflake
  • 2 large white snowflakes
  • 2 small white snowflakes
  • 2 small purple snowflakes
  • 1 large purple snowflake
  • 3 blue icicles
I've used them as a centerpiece over my dining table; in this scenario, I hung them from my (ugly rental) chandelier.  They're hung using invisible quilting thread, which is a stronger nylon thread.  Other ways that they can be used include hanging them from ceilings, window sills, and on your Christmas Tree.

In order to win, you must:
  • be a resident of Canada or the United States (50 states)
  • leave a comment on the blog underneath this post or if for some reason you're having difficulty leaving a comment, you can email j_phillips@hotmail.com.  Please put November giveaway in the subject line of the email though so I don't accidently erase it.
Contest closes Friday, November 26, at 12:00 a.m. central time.  Only one winner will be picked (draw).


To know how to make this, stayed tuned for tomorrow's diy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

1st Ever Giveaway Coming Soon!!!

I am super pleased to announce that this weekend I'll be announcing a giveaway for all of my readers...stay tuned!!!

O' Christmas Tree...

Christmas is coming into a time of decorating where a traditional theme is being thrown out the window.  The new style is more unique and one that better reflects your family  and your home.  While I may not be able to completely do this to my tree this year due to still having no cash coming in :( , I'm still inspired to share some amazing ideas with you all.

So, if you're a fan of a beautiful tree, keep on reading!

1.  Color Theme

It is beautiful to stick to just a couple tones of colors as seen in these pictures below.  By focusing on just a couple of colors, its easier for the eye to focus on the beauty of the tree as a whole rather as pieces in a traditional tree that it filled with multi colors.  Notice that the colors don't even have to be Christmas related; they can be colors to match your home or current style trends.

2.  Colored Trees

Gone are the days where to have a colored tree was cheesy.  These trees are becoming statement makers and can be found in white, pink, black, red, and lime green. 

3.  Style Themes

Whatever the style of your home, stick with that...if you're home is modern and chic try something different like the picture using branches stuck in a giant vase.  If you have a country home, incorporate materials like gingam and plaid into it.  If you have a French Country theme, use toile material as a tree skirt and stick with a color scheme from the fabric. 

4.  Fun Themes

Whatever your passionate about, use it as a theme.  If you're into retro, create a tree based on retro ornaments.  If you're a movie fanatic, take your favorite video and recreate it on your tree. 

If there is one thing to remember about decorating your tree now is that there are NO RULES.  This is your tree.  Make it a reflection of you and your home.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Tis the Season to Give

So finally in my  neck of the woods, snow is beginning to fall and stay on the ground.  People are putting their lights up on their houses and the inflatable Christmas blow-ups are all around.  Yup, the countdown for Christmas is on!

Christmas is about giving-we all know that, but I think sometimes we focus on things that are too materialistic and too "big" for what the season is really about.  I think we focus on ourselves and not a lot on people out there who are struggling.

So while the economy has definitely changed things for some of us, there are a lot of ways that you can give back to help others without even realizing it.  Consider some of these options, whether just for Christmas or year-round.

1.  Cartridges and Cell Phones

You might not know it, but if you're throwing these out, you're throwing out money.  For the amount of product needed to get some cash back is unrealistic for the average joe, there are great organizations out there collecting these.  In my hometown alone, I know of two locations:  the local library and the Special Ed program at P.C.I.  If you donate to the library, money that is raised gets put towards new materials for the library.  If you donate to the high school special ed program, money is raised for new equipment for challenged students.  Both are awesome programs.

Agencies involved in the recyclable program include:
But if you look around and ask around, you might be able to find more as well.

 2.  Thrift Stores

The Canadian Diabetes Foundation collects items to sell to Value Village, all of which they will pick up from your doorstep.  Simply phone them and make arrangements.  As well, MCCs of Canada collect donations in which their proceeds go directly towards projects around the world-clean water, clothing projects, housing, education, etc.  Getting involved and donating things you no longer use is an awesome way of teaching kids that it's good to give to others, especially as they're looking forward to new toys.

3.  Hampers and shoe boxes

Whether it's filling a shoe box for a needy child or donating items to a hamper, it's a great way to get involved.  Shoe boxes are done through schools and chuches-and are usually collected at this time of the year.  Hampers can be school or community filled.  North Memorial School in Portage does hampers each year for needy families.  Items can be used, but in great shape.  General items usually taken include candy, clothing, food, games, toys, jewellry, shoes, etc.  You can support them by donating these items or cash, and if you really want to get involved, take on a whole hamper to yourself for the family whereby you're assigned a hamper and told the ages of all the family members.  I've personally delivered one and it's amazing how much that hamper means to the children. 

4.  Give donations as gifts
With your family and friend's tastes in mind, make a donation on behalf of them.  You can specialize it anyway you want.  One of my favorites is World Vision's Gift Catalogue-gifts range from about $10 and up and they will send out cards to the recipient of your gift saying what was purchased for them. 

I've done World Vision numerous times, and not only do I feel good, but it usually means a lot to the people I'm giving to.

So, now that you've got ideas, what's your plan on giving back???

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tricks in a library

A book is like a garden carried in its pocket-Chinease proverb

I am a huge fan of books.  I always have been.  I think books offer the chance to see different places and views from around the world.  However, books are becoming more and more expensive it seems. There are some ways around this though you need to know the tricks!

If you haven't set foot in your local library yet, you have to get yourself down there.  Providing you live in the area, a library card should be free for you and your family.  If you live outside the area, there is a small membership fee (my library charges $16 a family for someone living outside the municipality).  With that membership you get access to books, magazines, movies (for some), audio (for some), and internet (at no extra charge). 

Libraries are really good at ordering what's hot, and most will allow reservations on books that are on order.  When typically a new hard cover book is $35 and up, it is a great way to save some cash.  If you love the magazines, get to know your library's protocol on them.  Our public library allows you to reserve series, so when they get the newest issue, they phone a list of people who have reserved it.  Each month I get a call for McLeans, and I don't have to go out and buy it.  That way too, I'm not constantly looking on the shelf for a monthly issue that's not there.

Something else most of you are probably not aware of, are inter-library loans.  These are across Canada with every single library.  Let's say you want to read a book that the library doesn't have.  You ask to make an inter-library loan, and what they'll do is search every library in your province for a copy of that book.  Once they find it, they ship it to your local library and you can usually get it for about a month, which no charges.  There is the option of searching nationally for a book, but you do have to pay for shipping charges there.  Bad side of this is that it doesn't apply to new books.

Another trick if you're looking for a book is to use your cell phone.  On my phone, I have a list of books that I want to read.  If I'm in Wal-Mart or a bookstore and see something I like, I'll put its name in my phone.  Sometimes I'll even take a photo if I don't have time to type.  What I then use the list for is to look for those titles in my local library.  If they're not there, then I interlibrary loan them.

Now all of this doesn't mean that I don't still purchase books.  But I'm really careful about what I purchase.  If I know I can get it through my library, I won't even consider it.

 The local library is usually also open to taking suggestions about what to purchase.   I have a great relationship with my library, in part due to the fact that I worked there from the age of 12 to 17.  I've made suggestions of great books, and they've bought them on my recommendations.  It's also a great place to get into a conversation about books with people who love them.

One other thing I want to point out which doesn't always have to do with books is that libraries offer some great programs.  Our local library offers children programs, book signings/tours, how to's, guest speakers on various topics, movie nights, etc.  Get to your library...it can save you so much cash and bring a lot of joy to your life!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's talk about the "C" word...

Clutter...it has so much impact...whether or not you consider yourself to have clutter in your home, I think we can agree that there is a drawer or a cupboard that we wouldn't want anyone to look at.  In the past six months, I've let a lot of things go...it got to the point where I simply couldn't do it anymore.  I felt like the clutter was taking away from my home expressing me (though at the moment, I don't find that my home really expresses me...). 

I've often talked about Nate Berkus' show and he had Geralyn from A and E's Hoarders on.  (If you've never watched Hoarders, watch it.  It'll inspire you to get rid of stuff like you wouldn't believe).  She defined five different types of clutters.  See the clip explaining the different types below...


Today, I am definitely the distracted.  With a combination of ADD and under normal circumstances, working up to 60 hours a week (though not lately), I struggle sometimes to get things done.  Lately, as I have had time, I've been tackling things with gusto...I make checklists, put my favorite CD in to dance as I clean, and put goals on what I want to accomplish.  With the possibility of moving in the near future, decluttering has become even more of a goal. 

Some things that I've tried to put into my head are:
  • if I haven't touched it in more than a year-it's time to go  (for example, canning jars...I have tons, and I've always been meaning to do pickles, but I never got pickles.  They need to go!)
  • if it doesn't have a purpose, what's it's use?  I just made the decision to get rid of something tonight-a good-bye gift from my first teaching job.  As cute as it is, it's clutter, and I have no need for it.  It's something I won't use, it doesn't really fit in with my decor, and I'm ready to let old energy go.
  • if it's damaged...I have a few things that need repairing that have been around for a while...I finally admitted to myself that me actually repairing it is nil
  • if it doesn't fit....keeping clothes that are too small or too big I think can be dangerous...We might have the best intentions but that's negative energy and if I'm going to lose weight, I think I deserve something new, so that stuff?  It's gone.
So, if you're like me and you need some great energy in your house, tackle a job...be ruthless...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a Reminder

Hey People, Just a reminder that if you're planning to make the homemade Kahlua or Grand Marnier recipes that I posted...now is the time to do it!  These recipes take time to "cure", and if you wait too much longer, they won't be ready until after Christmas!

Best Cleaning Products Under 5 Bucks

So I'm a sucker for a great cleaning product.  I'm actually a lover though of anything I can use that makes cleaning easier while being friendly to me and to the environment.  See, I have asthma, which over the years has gotten a lot worse.  A lot of cleaners out there actually aggrevate my asthma-sometimes to the point, where I need to leave the area for a while.  Gone are those days because of finding products I love that work, fit my budget, and fit my health.

1.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This product is the best!  It's so gentle on your skin, no fumes, and tackles grime like you wouldn't believe.  I especially love the Bath Magic Eraser...tackles grime around grout, lime build up, the nasty bubble bath tub ring, water marks, and all kinds....  Price:  $4 and under

2.  Shoppers Drug Mart's Bio Life Series...multipurpose cleaner, tub and tile, and dishwashing soap

I've used this product for years...Not only does it smell great, but it's biodegradable made from actual plant ingredients.  It does really great on tackling the skum in the bathroom sink, making things shiny, cleaning up dust, etc...  Price:  $4 and under

3.  Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

When they say multi surface, they mean it...this product will clean my whole living room:  tv, wood entertainment centre, glass, you name it.  My mind can keep focusing on cleaning rather than thinking that I need to grab a different product.  It's awesome!  Cost:  $4 and under

4.  Clorox Wipes

I love something that disinfects that I can grab in an instant.  They work great for toilet lids and seats, but are great for disinfecting door knobs, cupboards, countertops, etc.  Cost:  $2 and under

5.  Comet

I remember my mom using this.  I find a lot of things on tv are gimmicks when it comes to the toilet bowl.  Whether using the real deal or a store brand cleaner, this is great.  Little bit of elbow grease, and you have a sparkling toilet inside.  And it's price, ah, I love it!  Cost:  Under a buck!

Cleaning should be about making your life easier...when I have a clean house, I feel better.  Go try a new product and give it a whirl.  You never know, it may change your life!

Friday, November 12, 2010


So I had a road trip today because of an interview...never have I driven so much in one day.  On the way back home, I thought I'd stop at a thrift store I've never been to.  I went to The Treasure Chest in Gladstone.  I wasn't impressed.  I didn't see anything at all and what was there was quite packed...not a store I'd recommend.  But if you've gotten something great from there, let me know.  Maybe I'm wrong?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

Here in Canada, it's Remembrance Day-a day to pay tribute to those who have served our country, those who have died in the line of action, those who are currently serving and those who have lost loved ones.  May we all remember the sacrifices and give thanks to those who are serving (and have served) Canada to make our country and our world a safer place.