Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Candy-Cheap or Not?

So I don't know about you, but I find the price of candy is dramatically going up.  It's expensive!  For me, on one hand, I want the good stuff, but I'm just about choking when I have to go and pay for it.

My biggest struggle came in not knowing how much I needed to buy as I was in a new town.  I found out on Halloween day that I should expect anywhere from 150-175.  I was shocked!  I'd only ever had like 50 kids at the most!

I was able to get all my candy on sale, so that definitely helped.  My first box was a bunch of mini chocolate bars (92 count for $10, regular $17 at Canadian Tire), but then I ate some.  So when I went to the city, I knew that I should have more just in case (where I live is near the reserve I work at and I expected a lot of kids from there). This was where I got a good deal at.....Winners!  All their Halloween supplies were 70% off.  I got 2 bags of gummies (88 count each for less than $3 each).  Not bad eh?  Gummies aren't my favorite thing to hand out, but it did the trick.  I already have my next store picked out for when I need to buy my Halloween candy-the grocery store on the reserve.  They were selling boxes of 63 count brand name chips for only 10 bucks (and no taxes of course).  Everything in the city was like 30 bags for $10.  That's definitely a deal that I am taking up next year!

(pictures to come later-gotta figure out how to hook up my old camera to this new laptop-it doesn't have a spot for my card to automatically go in....)

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