Saturday, January 29, 2011

Organizing Pots and Pans...

Okay, I don't know about you but I have a lot of kitchen wares in my kitchen-which, is an extremely small kitchen.  My few cupboards were jammed, and I couldn't find things very well.  It just wasn't functional at all.  I thought to myself what don't I use on a regular basis that I could put away into the very high little cupboards that I actually have to get on a stepping ladder to reach???  The answer?  A lot of specialized baking ware that I don't use very often.  I'm talking about bundt pans and speciality cake pans.  Before, they were in the drawer under the stove-you know the one that we all have that we stuff with junk? 

                                                                      In its new home....

Well my discovery was that this is an awesome drawer for pots and pans.  As I'm not sure how long I'll be living at this place, I want to be super careful with what I buy.  As much as I wanted a pot rack to hang, I just don't know if I'll be using it in a year (my goal is to get into a bigger place....  So consider what you need to do to make your kitchen more functional and usable.  I am able to access my pots easily and efficiently and their bulkiness no longer takes up cupboard space!

Not the greatest picture (done with my cell phone as my actual camera is still missing since the move) but you get the picture...
The new cupboard...little containers are at the front as those are things that I might use on a daily basis for my lunch.  At the back is large mixing bowls, large colanders, and muffin tins.  The top has quite a bit of empty space but contains a scale and some containers for lunch.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Modern Headboard....Super Cheap!!!

For a super cheap and beautiful headboard, head over to Alicia's blog at thrifty and chic decor...check out the link below!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small Spaces With a Lot of Punch!

In one of the magazines that I read, an article was featured on one little cabin that was purchased by an owner as not just a vacation home, but a way of extra income renting it out when she wasn't using it.  Turns out this one cabin is a group of cabins in Maine.  These cabins were originally built in the 30s and 40s and are all around 300 square feet.  Located in Cabot Cove, Maine, these cabins can really help people see potential with extremely small spaces! 

This is one of the cottages from the gives you a clear indication of its size!

Obviously one of the bigger cabins, you can see how they use a lovseat and two chairs for the living room and that a small dining table works in the same space.

Another living room with a small table.  Notice that the tiny dining set is also used as an end table almost with a lamp upon it.

I love the coziness of this room and it even contains a small dishwasher!

Another living room, this time using a trunk as an obvious storage container/coffee table

I love the built in look of the unit.

A kitchen in one of the cabins...I love the white wash of the walls with the cheery bits of color!

Another kitchen.

A small tiny bedroom, reminding me in size of my own.  I love the panelling and beadboard.  It adds texture without overhwelming the room!

If you've fallen in love with these cabins as I have, check out for more cabins and how to book your room for a sweet retreat!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living Within Your Means...

So right now, I'm living pretty ghetto.  More ghetto than when I was in university.  When I moved to Birtle, I sold a lot of my furniture to help with moving expenses...the move cost A LOT OF MONEY....and my pay isn't substantial by any means (though I'm not complaining).  For the first month, I lived on a lawnchair in the living room until the moving truck came...then a bit later, I decided to move the single bed into the living room as I'd had enough of the lawnchair.  My computer desk is a collapsable table that by no means is anything fancy. 

While I'm certainly not proud of my living space, I am proud of living within my means.  I think too often we take for granted we can get something now and pay for it later...later turns into much later and the interest becomes more than the item itself...

I've actually decided to wait a lot longer than I intended to buy furniture.  I had thought maybe this spring I would get something but now I'm thinking that I'll wait to see if I can get something closer to work which may be summer?  I'd hate to buy something for this tiny space (my living room space is around maybe 110 square feet) and it not be usable with the next.

As much as I want the beautiful space-there are more important things on the table.  What about you?  What's the most important things on the table for you that should take precidence over the things that are not necessary?

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Coupons to Consider...

Just wanted to post a couple more that didn't make it on the last posting...

So another site I've come across which is from the company of Procter and Gamble is:  Register, check the coupons you want and they'll send them to you.  From what I can tell, these are very similar to the coupons that come out in your weekend edition newspaper.  Current coupons include Cover Girl, Gillete Shaving Gel, Crest toothpaste, etc.

Another one to check out from what I think is the Johnson company is  They require you to register, but you're able to print out the coupons off on your printer.  This has coupons for Glade candles, Windex, Ziploc, Pledge, etc.

Coupon Site To Check Out

So I don't know if you have caught it yet, but TLC had an awesome show on about extreme couponing.  It was awesome-crazy, but awesome.  I'm not entirely sure if it's possible here in Canada or not.  I always find that it can be hard to find coupons.  I've decided that I definitely want to pursue trying to get more coupons as every little bit does help.

A site that I've used before is  You are required to register and the coupons can be the same or similar month to month, but they mail them right to your home, and they are all accepted in Canada.  The nice thing about this site is that they are actually pretty realistic coupons, like brown rice, diapers, pasta, etc.

Check it out and see if maybe you can save yourself some money!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back Up and Running!!!

Well, I finally have internet at my home in the Sticks....yay!  Life will be easier...teaching will be easier...and my love of blogging can finally get going again!!

If you're a user of facebook, head to Lean Cuisine Canada through the search engine on facebook.  All you have to do is click like and you get to print off a coupon for a free entree of your simply have to print it off!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Single in the Kitchen

As a single woman, I find that even though I try not to, I always end up wasting food.  Either things go bad before I can eat it or I get so sick of eating something, I let it sit in the freezer until it has gotten major freezer burn.

A few tricks that I've been using include:
  1. Buying small veggie trays-these can be bought from Sobey's for around $5.  It might sound like a lot of money, but buying everything individually you either pay a lot or waste some (which means you end up wasting your money).
  2. Reconsider looking in the freezer section-there are some excellent meals out there!  My new favorite is President's Choice Blue Package Individual Butter Chicken meal.  For $4, you get butter chicken in lots of sauce (enough for a whole naan bread) with basmati rice.  I used to buy PC's bottle of butter chicken sauce for the same price, but then would have to bake my chicken with a hot paste (which was around $3), then add it to the sauce.  If you calculate it, 1 individual meal is $4 while buying hot paste for $3, butter chicken sauce for $4, and then your chicken for around $8 (if you're lucky) comes up to $15.  You might get 3-4 servings, but you're still saving money by going the individual meal route. 
  3. Try bulk-Bulk foods are an awesome thing as you can buy as little or as much as you want (I've seriously purchased something for only $0.05 before!).  As you're not buying packaging, you do save quite a bit.  Most grocery stores have bulk sections now or check out The Bulk Barn, located in most urban centres.
  4. Consider making a staple food that can be used in different recipes.  For example, I make a great honey garlic chicken.  I can bake 4 breasts, eat 1, then cut up the rest, packaging it in freezer bags to be used for a salad, wrap, or stir fries. For a treat, I've included the recipe.  Try it and tell me what recipe you decide to use it for!
Elaine's Honey Garlic Chicken
4 Servings

4 chicken breasts
1/2 cup water
4 tbsp heaping honey
2 tsp garlic powder
2-4 tsp soya sauce

Fill oven safe dish partially with water and place chicken inside.  Bake at 350 F for one hour. 

In small pot, combine remaining ingredients.  Bring to a boil.  Remove from heat.

Place chicken on a meat rack (I like to cut slits in my chicken to absorb more sauce).  Brush sauce over meat.  Cook for 15 more minutes.  Baste again, using up rest of sauce.  Cook for 15 more minutes.

Serve as desired.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yes, This Blog is Still Open!

Okay, for my readers, I apoligize it's taken so long for everything to get back to normal.  Things are still not normal with the move and getting connected.  MTS is sending a technician tomorrow as something is seriously wrong with my phone line, hence no phone and no internet.  Once that's up and running, everything will be up and running as before.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a great New Year's.  Look for a new post this week!