Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Power in a Bottle of Spray Paint

So my last trip to the city had me bringing back a frame from Value Village.  While I hated the color of it, I loved the texture and it's shape.  I really felt I could turn it around.  See it below...

So I paid $5 for this frame, which I thought was a bit much, but I really thought I could turn it around to look like a $30 frame (which unfortunally, most nice frames cost now)...

So, I bought a can of cream spray paint and sprayed the heck out of it, and this is what I got:

Pretty cool eh?  While the picture in it isn't one I plan on using, I wanted to show you the dimensions of it, so I just found a picture from a magazine.  The frame is sitting on one of my garage sale finds that I plan on redoing in the future...

Here's a closeup of the frame painted (just don't mind the glare):

See the beautiful details?  I loved it, and I really felt that the one color pulled out the detail way more than the previous finish...we went from looking cheap to looking classy and super chic!

What can you do with a bottle of spray paint?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inspiration for a Bedroom Redo

So a friend of mine contacted me wanting some ideas for her daughter's bedroom.  I asked for a little clarification as to what direction she wanted to go in, and I got this picture, showing the quilt they had just purchased (off of Ebay):

 Idea #1

Chicken Wire Memo Board

Courtney over at A Diamond in the Stuff came up with this project using an old cupboard door and chicken wire.  Besides being whimsical, it offers a great way to post pictures and notes without marking the wall up!
Idea #2

Fabric Handles

While definitely  a like or a dislike, this is an easy way to take a color from the quilt and base it into dresser if you wanted a minimalist base color on the dresser.  320 Sycamore provides this idea along with other examples of different fabric handles she has used.
Idea #3

Butterfly Wreath

Using colored paper and paper bags, Taylor posted on Mary Janes and Galoshes this unique idea that she came up with it.   I love that the paper bag pieces look like flowers!
 Idea #4

Repurposed Doors

Old doors seem to be making a crazy comeback!  From being used as a bookshelf (picture to the left), they can also be used as headboards, or simple decoration.  One caution I would give is that you probably want to seal the door with a coat of epoxy as the door could contain lead paint.
Idea #5

Patina Flower Cans

Using printed paper (link: /Metal/html/Flat%20Metal%20Textures/index.html), Carolyn came up with the idea to modpodge.  Simple and yet so elegant!

 Idea #6

Repurposed Furniture

High Heel Foot in the Door shows what they've done using spray paint and an older piece of furniture to add some pizazz to a bedroom.  While bold, it creates interest instantly for any woman's bedroom!
 Idea #7

Old Suitcases Meet Bedside Tables

Marianne at Song Bird Nesting painted an older suitcase placing it on a simple end table.  Absolutely stunning!
Idea #8

Doily Mirror

 Taylor at Mary Janes and Galoshes came up with this neat idea using a doily for a mirror!
Idea #9

Twinkle Board

While this pictures shows a dark wood background, you can easily adapt a background to any color you wish.  The instructions for this twinkle board using Christmas lights and a piece of board can be found at Design Sponge.  Elegant but endless possibilities of what you could create!

Other websites that I recommend for people to take time and browse through include:


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Should I Have Known Better???

So I have been struggling in whether or not to buy a vehicle right now.   I kind of had it in my mind that I wanted to wait until I got permanent and until I had moved closer to work.

Well, I have gotten permanent and hopefully, I will be moving closer (got word that I'm up for a house there, but waiting for the tenant to let the town know when he's moving out)...My car had broken down 2 weeks ago, and I thought well, I should get the ball rolling so start looking and putting myself out there...You might say, put yourself out there?  What do you mean?

See, my situation is a bit more complicated as I was released back in September from bankruptcy.  Makes things a bit more uncomfortable, right?

I did decide to get my car fixed with a bill totalling $150...well, guess what?!?  One week later and exact same problem happens again.  I'm frustrated!

I contacted a dealership back in my hometown and I should know tomorrow where I stand.  I feel really good considering that I tried to work with a dealership in Brandon and they wouldn't even acknowledge me.  It made me mad.  I figure money is money and if they didn't appreciate me, well, I was going to go somewhere where I could get service.

I'm ready to truly justify things...

In the past 6 months, I've had:

  • 9 or 10 flat tires
  • had my alternator fail twice, leaving me stranded on the side of the road on the coldest day of the year (-40 C)
  • Been stuck snowdrifts/snow five times
  • Had my steering wheel fluid thingy fail twice
  • Hit the ditch twice
On top of it, this car has over 400 000 km, is from '91, has a tape deck and radio, no air conditioning, will turn itself on (the remote control start) lately at all hours of the day, and lately is causing me concern over the battery and performance...

So, we'll see...I need to feel safe and I need to know that I can get to work and do my job...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

So in the rain, I went garage was Birtle's town wide garage sale but because of the rain, only about 10 garage sales were actually running.

I got four items:

I bought this Christmas decoration for only 25 cents...I thought it would be adorable for the classroom!

I was super psyched to find this-a tire wrench!!  I've never been able to change my own tires before as I've always found the lug nuts screwed on too tight.  With this sucker, I can now use my arm strength to get the lug nuts off and change my tire!  Yay!  I only spent a buck too!

I found these couple of magazines and thought they'd be perfect for the classroom.  I'm looking at suitable magazines to get a subscription to for my classroom and so we'll see if the kids like these...

In total....I spent only $1.75...I would have liked to have found more but maybe next Saturday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY in the Garden

So Spring is finally upon us (or at least hoping to in my parts) and though I'm limited in what I can do right now with my yard, I hope the same isn't for you!  Here are some amazing ideas on DIY projects for your garden from other bloggers.  Just click on the link for the how to!

Instructables has a great self watering veggie table using plastic bins and some wood.  This is brilliant for small yards and for people who have issues bending or twisting as it's all waist level!

Far Out Flora has an amazing succulent table using an old shipping crate and some scrap wood.  Simply breathtaking!

The people at Apartment Therapy shared this idea of taking mismatched pots and spraying them with a lacquer paint.  Gorgeus!

Amanda at  The Hand Me Down House  shares these beautiful and easy DIY solar lights using canning jars and modge podge.

Life on the Balcony shares this beautiful garden using scrap pallets.  Perfect for a balcony or small space!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Down to Earth Dining Table

I came across this as I was looking at the site: Apartment Therapy.  I love this site!  Whether you have an apartment or house, it showcases all types of design all over North America and beyond.  It's quirky, modern, and eclectic.  The only downside, if you call it a downside, is that they post a lot!  Sometimes multiple times a day.  So sometimes if you're lacking time, it can be hard to catch up with all it has to share.

For a while now, I've been looking at different styles of dining tables to see what I want when I move.  I finally decided that I didn't want new at all-I wanted something old or used, something that I could really make my own.  The truth is that my tastes are really eclectic and I'm not sure that I've ever really shown my true eclectic taste in my decorating.  I definitely want to be real and true to myself as I'm on this new, way better journey.

So I found it at Apartment Therapy, which showcased a picture, linking it to the how-to.  Oh my goodness.  So easy, so cheap, and so original.  Check out this amazing table at Stylizimo.  I am absolutely considering it big time-providing I can work with a rectangular table!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Inspirational Pot Rack

As a child, I grew up not liking pot racks.  Maybe it had to do with my mother always expressing her dislike of them, but in the last couple of years, my mind has slowly been shifting....and now, I LOVE them!  Not only are they great for storage solutions, but there's the versatility to go outside the norm with pot racks.  From using found objects to plumbing pipes to antiques, there's a lot of creativitiy in what was the norm.

A spin on the traditional-This one with lights.

Using a bike tire rim...

Using a ladder-if you can find one that's been roughed up and used a bit, even better!

My new favorite-using copper pipes meant for plumbing.  Check out:,,20286884,00.html for instructions on how to make your own

Or if you can think outside the box, take other items like this old toboggon and use it as a pot rack.  String it up and attach S hooks and you're on your way!

We're basically in a time where there are no rules and creativity is encouraged.  What can you think of for your pot rack?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cornstarch to the Rescue

So I completely forgot that I was allergic to Tide detergent until it was too late....not only did I end up with a nasty rash, but the rash resembled and felt like 2nd degree burns (I've had 2nd degree burns a couple times before) was horrible...uncomfortable, and I was reluctant to go to the doctor as I'd have to drive quite the distance to get to one (and may I remind you that my car is not running right now).

So a friend of mine recommended having a bath with cornstarch to soothe things, which I did.  And then I thought, hey, this reminds me of baking powder-maybe I can put it out the areas to help keep it dry?  Did it work?  Oh yah...I could finally work out and things are healing quite nicely.  When I mentioned to one of the ladies at work who has kids my age, she mentioned that her mother always used it as a baby powder as they're are no additives to it!  So if you have rashes or sensitive areas that you're reluctant to add more chemicals too, then try cornstarch!  You'll be quite shocked and happy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Car News

I'm applying for financing, but in the meantime, I decided to bite the bullet and get the car fixed.  I gotta say it's hard without your wheels though...hopefully getting the car fixed will buy me some more time

I'm still waiting to hear about moving and it is looking positive...I hope to finally be able to do some projects as well and get away from living on a single bed in the living room!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crunch Time

For the last many months, I have been driving a car that has really pushed itself for me.  It's gone through snow, sleet, fog, gravel, you name it, it's done it.  Well, it might finally have met its maker.  After hitting bottom on an extremely bad gravel road, she decided to let out all her power steering wheel fluid (through a metal pipe that I gashed).  

The plan?  We're going to attempt to place a "band-aid" on it to last me for a couple of days while I search for a new vehicle.  That part scares me.  As I start putting my credit back on score, well, there's a lot of fear of the what if's...I'm hoping and praying that things will work out-so keep me in your mind over the next couple of days....

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Alright, I'm not calling out a help signal, but I do want to share with you a tip that my mother came up with.  You know SOS pads?  You know, the little blue ball of steel wool that cuts through grime?

Well, I've always find that one pad was too big for the job.  The company has come out with smaller mini pads, but they are double the price!  So my mom shared her tip:  simply take the pad and cut it in half with a pair of sisters....ta da!  Two mini!