Sunday, April 17, 2011

Planning for the Future

So as all of you know, I've undergone some major changes this past year.  I still may be going under some more major changes to come.  I'm up for a permanent position in my teaching job, and providing I get it, I'm looking at moving again.  The reason?  I seriously need to be closer to work.  Right now, my travel is up to 45 minutes one way (in good weather conditions).  I probably pay up to $600, including insurance and gas just for school.  On top of it all, I still really don't have furniture yet.

The plan to save money?

1.  Move closer to work
2.  Yard sales-it's nearly that time to get going on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings...
3.  Auction Sales-I really want to hit an auction sale this summer...I'm all for finding quality pieces that I can refurbish to my tastes.

So, I'll keep you posted...

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