Monday, April 4, 2011

Reviewing Fruits and Passion Dish Soap

Détersif à vaisselle concentré Coriandre et olivier

So I've never technically taken a product and reviewed it before for you all.  A while ago, I was in Fruits and Passions and they gave me a sample to try of their new dish soap:  Coriander and Olive Tree Cuchina.  I kind of forgot about it sitting on my counter until tonight.

So I placed my dishes in the sink and start filling the sink up with water.  One thing I noticed right away was that there wasn't a lot of bubbles, which had me adding more solution.  Right away though I noticed one major thing, the fragrance.  I think without a doubt, this is the best smelling soap I've ever come across.  It was calm and simply beautiful.  It might sound funny, but it made me enjoying my dishes more!

Within a couple of minutes, all the bubbles were gone.  It seemed to still be cleaning though.  I had dishes that had tomato sauce stains on them, even pots.  All were cleaned with no oily residue, and I only had to use some steel wool once on one pot.

The sink was left nice and clean and my hands soft.  I'm definitely eager to try the other half of my sample. And maybe, I'll just have to get me some in the future!

Head to your nearest Fruits and Passion or you can head to their website (the direct link),

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