Monday, September 12, 2011

Gearing Up for Fall, Pumpkin Style!

So the air is slowly getting cooler and soon before we know it, we will have the first misting of frost.  Fall is my favorite time of year-not only the start of school, but the leaves turning into brilliant colors against brilliant skies.  Oh, and then we can't forget the opportunity to decorate for the season.  Such fun!  Here are some brilliant ideas out there for you to check out!

A Diamond in the Stuff did this really cute project using 2 x 4s with Martha Stewart glitter paint.

 Over at Martha Stewart, her people came up with these adorable vampire pumpkins using dollar store fangs!  So easy...

The next project is fromBetter Homes and Gardens which spray painted pumpkins and added cardstock to make the cat and bat accessories.  Now one warning with painting your pumpkins, I found from my experience that once you get it situated, you don't want to move it around.  I'm not sure if it's our climate here in Manitoba, but I did have problems with flaking (huge parts)...I did have to retouch.

So, what are some of your projects that you've done with pumpkins??


  1. Mix dish-washing soap with the paint before you paint the pumpkin! This will help it to stick and not peel so much :)

  2. I think all of ur stuff is soo cool....pls check out my blog......we would appreciate any advice :)....awesome job btw!!!

  3. Love the idea Miss Hockey Fox...makes perfect sense of using the dish soap...I've used it in art activities....

  4. Thank you two teens! I will definitely check out your blog...the blog has been a bit slower in the past couple of weeks than I would have has been more demanding than normal, so look for some new ones soon (blogging posts coming up: health in MB, ideas in the classroom, decorating for the fall, and a DIY wedding)!