Friday, September 23, 2011

Loving Fall and Looking to the Future

So I am a huge lover of fall.  I love the start of school, the crisp breezes, and the trees slowly turning into shades of amber and ruby tones.  It also is one of the craziest times for me and this fall is turning out to be crazier than most.

It's crazier because my schedule in school is quite demanding.  Between managing a very challenging classroom, I'm also starting up an after school art club (actually two of them, for different age categories), focusing on my organization way more, and really looking at how I teach by shifting into the theory of Universal head is full, but I'm happy.

Unlike others, I tend to see the fall as the new year, the new time to start things, and my brain's buzzing.  It's important for me to truly start a savings account, take better care of myself, make my home feel like a home (in a budget that is extra uber affordable), and start getting out and meeting new people in my new region of the province.  So, stay tuned....

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