Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living Within Your Means...

So right now, I'm living pretty ghetto.  More ghetto than when I was in university.  When I moved to Birtle, I sold a lot of my furniture to help with moving expenses...the move cost A LOT OF MONEY....and my pay isn't substantial by any means (though I'm not complaining).  For the first month, I lived on a lawnchair in the living room until the moving truck came...then a bit later, I decided to move the single bed into the living room as I'd had enough of the lawnchair.  My computer desk is a collapsable table that by no means is anything fancy. 

While I'm certainly not proud of my living space, I am proud of living within my means.  I think too often we take for granted we can get something now and pay for it later...later turns into much later and the interest becomes more than the item itself...

I've actually decided to wait a lot longer than I intended to buy furniture.  I had thought maybe this spring I would get something but now I'm thinking that I'll wait to see if I can get something closer to work which may be summer?  I'd hate to buy something for this tiny space (my living room space is around maybe 110 square feet) and it not be usable with the next.

As much as I want the beautiful space-there are more important things on the table.  What about you?  What's the most important things on the table for you that should take precidence over the things that are not necessary?

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