Friday, June 17, 2011

What Are You Willing To Let Go?

So times are tough for everybody...and according to reports here in Canada, things are supposed to get tougher as we're looking at poor crops this year due to flooding and excessive rain.  People have been tightening their purse strings, and it might be time to tighten them further...I know I am, but possibly for different reasons...

This new move is having me produce more money...damage deposit, transfers to utilities, phone, etc, gas, etc.  It'll be worth it by far, but for now, things are stretched tight (not to mention that I now have truck payments-but I have no regrets there!)

Not only am I sticking to a tight budget right now, I also decided to cut my cable.  Now, just so you know, I love cable.  I love the noise and the company.  But I cut it for now with a plan.  You can get a lot of tv now on the internet.  If you go to your stations in your country, most of them offer the latest tv shows on the internet to watch for FREE!  Yup, I know it's not quite the same, but still I say that's quite nice!  Who knows, maybe I'll really like it and not go back?

One of the options I am considering for the future involve hooking up my tv as the monitor.  I didn't know that you could do that, and it is possible.  A friend of mine's husband did it to their tv and it wowed me.  So almost like cable right?  It's a start, I figure.  Once I'm moved, I'll be saving more gas and paying less rent, so that will definitely help.  It's going to be good and I don't see making "wiser choices" as a's a part of life and you just have to roll with it...

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