Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Every Woman Needs (and Man too)

So despite having a new vehicle with wonderful sturdy tires, I sure remember all the flats that I had this past 6 months...10 to be exact!  I only found out about this nifty gadget at the very last flat tire...I remarked to my friend, I don't care how much it costs, I need one!  What is it??

It's a portable air compressor, one that plugs straight into your cigarette lighter or Electronics portal.  Of course, I knew about air compressors, but I didn't know they came in tiny little travel sizes!

I bought this little beauty from Wal-Mart the same day I picked up my truck (but I need to actually put it in my truck yet!) for only $15.  This particular piece has an inflator and deflator raft pump, illuminated gauge (for nighttime), and comes with various adaptors to fit the perfect tire.

Now before you say to me, "I can just go to the gas station and fill up my tires if I'm a little low", in my opinion that's not its first duty.  Let's say you have a flat tire and I mean flat as a pancake.  Driving on a flat tire or even partially flat tire can ruin it for good.  What this compressor does is fill the tire so that you can get to a garage.  The most I've ever gone on a tire after filling it (it was completely flat) was driving 35 minutes on back roads to get to my garage.  It worked all the way (a little sidebit is that the moment your car stops, the quicker the tire tends to lose air).  I was able to get their safely and get it fixed.

 So, whether it's for yourself and your emergency kit or for a friend for his or her birthday, this is the gift that can provide assurance that you can be safe out there....

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