Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving Time!'s true!  I'm moving (again)!  Instead of being 50 km (one way) from work, I'll be 5 km from work!  Talk about saving money!  The town contacted me the other day and said their tenant had booked the moving van, and I could move in for the 15th of July.  It also looks like I'll be carpooling next year with one of my co-workers...he asked me yesterday if I was interested and I sure.  Hey, every bit helps doesn't it!  I'm hoping this place will be a place I can settle...I gotta work on getting some furniture though...  For those of you who didn't see the picture of the new place I'm getting (which I'm lucky to get in an area where there's almost no housing), here's a picture:

In other news to, I'm moving up in the world in terms of what I drive...I should be driving something spiffy by the end of next week!

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