Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Decor for the Door-Mine That Is!

So in advance, I apologize for the quality of pictures.  My regular camera broke some time ago, and I had ordered one through one school plan, but that fell through.  Right now, I'm left with my iPhone, so pictures are so-so....

So, I don't know about you, but I love having something on the door.  There are so many beautiful wreaths and decorations out there, though my issue is that they usually cost an arm and a leg.  Even a lot of the homemade things, well by the time you get all your supplies, you're still looking at $20 or more to make something!  It wouldn't be so bad if you could afford it, but right now, well, an expensive wreath isn't the necessity when I still have sheets hanging up for my curtains!

What I did find though that I liked (and you'll see a picture below) is of sticks of willow that had leaves, flowers, and other little decorations with them.  One alone looked quite silly, but three together looked great!

Straight view looking in Seen Above

Side view

I found these at Dollarama for $2 each...they did have some additional flowers on the bottoms, which I removed as I thought they looked quite cheesy.  To link them together, I simply took a piece of twine and made one big loop at the back, so it could hang together from my wreath hanger.  For around $6 plus tax, no one is the wiser that this was the biggest fall steal for me....I say it looks just as good as something you might find at HomeSense.  Not bad eh?

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