Monday, October 3, 2011

New Cake

So we celebrated my September students' birthdays-6 of them to be exact.  For the cake, I decided on an owl idea, which gave pretty easy directions over at FamilyFun.  It turned out pretty okay, though didn't look as cute as theirs of course.  I forgot about the feet, so I just used more wafers cut into triangles for the feet.  I don't know if my kids loved it more than the pool cake though...

Here's FamilyFun's picture:

Yup, and then here's mine....when you compare the two...well, it looks pretty silly....mine obviously doesn't win the award....

However, it tasted amazing...I'll be sharing that recipe with you was impressed!  So, we had

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  1. haha...mmmm..awww thats too cute :).....pls cheak out my blog when your free :)