Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Straight, LOVE Curly!

So for the last little while I was thinking of something crazy.  After a haircut that left a bitter taste in my mouth, I ended up thinking that maybe it was all for the better.  I had gone in to get a lot of hair chopped off (and lightened) and not much was removed.  Turns out that maybe it was for the best, as I did something crazy...I got a perm!

Now I hadn't had a perm since maybe '91 and all I knew about perms was how scary they were.  I remember how much they burned the scalp and the horrible scenario afterwards:  frizzy and damaged hair.  But I love curls and my hair is so flat well, you get the point.  I started thinking about perms as I had heard that they have changed over the years, that they're not as damaging and there are different kinds out there to prevent the granny look.

So here's the new look...

This picture is with my great grandmother (she's currently not doing well)

This photo is a little corny....my mother wouldn't take the picture until she was happy with the smile...

Coming next....how to care for curly hair!!

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