Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Finds From Value Village

So I went to Value Village, the new one in Unicity (Winnipeg).  If you haven't been there, you have to go.  It almost seemed higher quality to me in the clothes department than others I have been to.  It was clean, bright, but smaller than I expected (there is a major drop department for getting rid of unwanted items).  Although I promised myself to stick to 10 bucks, I blew it.  It was worth it.

I got a new vintage sweater vest for $5 and a long sleeve Gap brown shirt for $4.  Perfect top combination for even work. 

Then I found a pair of Rockport sandles.  I have one pair of sandles by them already and originally they cost around $140.  I managed to get them for $90 and while they're only 3 years old, they look and feel like they're brand new still.  I have a problem with shoes.  I have big feet (size 10) and I tend to wear shoes out like you wouldn't believe.  I easily kill a couple pair of sandles each summer season.  I try to invest in good pairs of shoes because they do last longer and they're better for your feet.   So I couldn't resist these and knew that if I walked away from them, I'd be kicking myself.  These only cost me $10. 

So, while I did have a good plan, sometimes in the moment, you have to reconsider!

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