Saturday, October 30, 2010

To All You Single People Who Need A Helping Hand

Okay-at the moment, this is very dear to me as I'll show you in a couple minutes.  Sometimes being single, which I am, can suck.  For example, when you want to know if your hair looks okay from the back or you can't see something on your back like a rash or something.  It's hard!  I know you're laughing, but truly, we've all been there where we wished there was someone around!

For the last four days or so, I've had a lot of pain behind my ear.  I figured at first maybe I was fighting something.  It's been so long I start wondering gee, maybe I should go to the walk-in.  But then I ask myself, well, what if I look like a fool?  What if it's a pimple?  I don't want to go to the doctor just for him to tell me it's a stupid pimple.

This is my trick, and I've done this before and it works.  Take a picture.  Most of us can hold a camera up and still press the button to look at our back or behind our ears.  You might have to take quite a few to get the right picture, but once you do, you can put it on your computer and get up close and this:

You probably can't tell very well, but there is no pimple, and the area at the base of the ear is slightly purple.  This means I can go to the doctor without embarrassment!  Try it, as funny as it might seem, it's worth it!

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