Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Inspirational Pot Rack

As a child, I grew up not liking pot racks.  Maybe it had to do with my mother always expressing her dislike of them, but in the last couple of years, my mind has slowly been shifting....and now, I LOVE them!  Not only are they great for storage solutions, but there's the versatility to go outside the norm with pot racks.  From using found objects to plumbing pipes to antiques, there's a lot of creativitiy in what was the norm.

A spin on the traditional-This one with lights.

Using a bike tire rim...

Using a ladder-if you can find one that's been roughed up and used a bit, even better!

My new favorite-using copper pipes meant for plumbing.  Check out:,,20286884,00.html for instructions on how to make your own

Or if you can think outside the box, take other items like this old toboggon and use it as a pot rack.  String it up and attach S hooks and you're on your way!

We're basically in a time where there are no rules and creativity is encouraged.  What can you think of for your pot rack?

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