Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

So in the rain, I went garage was Birtle's town wide garage sale but because of the rain, only about 10 garage sales were actually running.

I got four items:

I bought this Christmas decoration for only 25 cents...I thought it would be adorable for the classroom!

I was super psyched to find this-a tire wrench!!  I've never been able to change my own tires before as I've always found the lug nuts screwed on too tight.  With this sucker, I can now use my arm strength to get the lug nuts off and change my tire!  Yay!  I only spent a buck too!

I found these couple of magazines and thought they'd be perfect for the classroom.  I'm looking at suitable magazines to get a subscription to for my classroom and so we'll see if the kids like these...

In total....I spent only $1.75...I would have liked to have found more but maybe next Saturday!

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