Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cornstarch to the Rescue

So I completely forgot that I was allergic to Tide detergent until it was too late....not only did I end up with a nasty rash, but the rash resembled and felt like 2nd degree burns (I've had 2nd degree burns a couple times before) was horrible...uncomfortable, and I was reluctant to go to the doctor as I'd have to drive quite the distance to get to one (and may I remind you that my car is not running right now).

So a friend of mine recommended having a bath with cornstarch to soothe things, which I did.  And then I thought, hey, this reminds me of baking powder-maybe I can put it out the areas to help keep it dry?  Did it work?  Oh yah...I could finally work out and things are healing quite nicely.  When I mentioned to one of the ladies at work who has kids my age, she mentioned that her mother always used it as a baby powder as they're are no additives to it!  So if you have rashes or sensitive areas that you're reluctant to add more chemicals too, then try cornstarch!  You'll be quite shocked and happy!

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