Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inspiration for a Bedroom Redo

So a friend of mine contacted me wanting some ideas for her daughter's bedroom.  I asked for a little clarification as to what direction she wanted to go in, and I got this picture, showing the quilt they had just purchased (off of Ebay):

 Idea #1

Chicken Wire Memo Board

Courtney over at A Diamond in the Stuff came up with this project using an old cupboard door and chicken wire.  Besides being whimsical, it offers a great way to post pictures and notes without marking the wall up!
Idea #2

Fabric Handles

While definitely  a like or a dislike, this is an easy way to take a color from the quilt and base it into dresser if you wanted a minimalist base color on the dresser.  320 Sycamore provides this idea along with other examples of different fabric handles she has used.
Idea #3

Butterfly Wreath

Using colored paper and paper bags, Taylor posted on Mary Janes and Galoshes this unique idea that she came up with it.   I love that the paper bag pieces look like flowers!
 Idea #4

Repurposed Doors

Old doors seem to be making a crazy comeback!  From being used as a bookshelf (picture to the left), they can also be used as headboards, or simple decoration.  One caution I would give is that you probably want to seal the door with a coat of epoxy as the door could contain lead paint.
Idea #5

Patina Flower Cans

Using printed paper (link: /Metal/html/Flat%20Metal%20Textures/index.html), Carolyn came up with the idea to modpodge.  Simple and yet so elegant!

 Idea #6

Repurposed Furniture

High Heel Foot in the Door shows what they've done using spray paint and an older piece of furniture to add some pizazz to a bedroom.  While bold, it creates interest instantly for any woman's bedroom!
 Idea #7

Old Suitcases Meet Bedside Tables

Marianne at Song Bird Nesting painted an older suitcase placing it on a simple end table.  Absolutely stunning!
Idea #8

Doily Mirror

 Taylor at Mary Janes and Galoshes came up with this neat idea using a doily for a mirror!
Idea #9

Twinkle Board

While this pictures shows a dark wood background, you can easily adapt a background to any color you wish.  The instructions for this twinkle board using Christmas lights and a piece of board can be found at Design Sponge.  Elegant but endless possibilities of what you could create!

Other websites that I recommend for people to take time and browse through include:


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