Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Death by Paint

Have I ever shared with  you guys that things seem to just happen to me?  Call me a klutz, unlucky, cursed,, it was death by paint...

I was attacked by a gallon of paint.  You heard me, 1 GALLON.

The situation?  I was bringing paint into the house and I kind of stumbled on the front wasn't even a bad stumble, but the paint can (which was bought on clearance as it was a mistint of paint) I guess didn't have it's lid properly applied (I mean with a rubber mallet) hit the side of the step, and paint went, my bag, my steps, and my flowers.  I'm still trying to get paint out of the dress I was wearing.  As soon as it spilled I got inside the house and put on other clothes to try to salvage my dress.  I'm still trying to salvage my dress.  I don't think I'll find that color of paint again as a mistint.  Enjoy the evidence (minus a picture of my dress-that's in the kitchen sink)...but what's your paint goof?

The evidence on the steps

The paint can hidden in a bag...the outside of the can is completely soaked...

The evidence on me....

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