Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY Mason Jar Projects

Mason jars have been around since the middle 1850s, and while typically used for canning, have found a unique spot in crafts, organization, and decorating.  Here are some awesome ideas from some very creative people...

In the Kitchen
One of my favorite ideas with Mason jars include using them as a gift package.  Here Relatively Reagan uses them for a cute cupcake idea, perfect for any little gift!

In the Garden
Amanda at The Hand Me Down House came up with this awesome garden idea, that not only is cheap, but extremely pretty!

In the Living Room
I've seen versions of these popping up in magazines and blogs, and it truly is pretty.

In the Washroom
This particular project from Liz Marie is so cute, and so functional.  It's definitely something I would consider for my new place, but I would make one little change.  I would place lids on the jars as the bathroom can be a place of bacteria and I like to know that what I use on my face has been protected!

In the Craftroom
Along the same line, one of the special publications of Better Homes and Gardens (which I drool over) came out with this idea that is easy to adapt for storage and organization.

It's amazing how useful a common thing can be, isn't it??


  1. Hey Julie, it's Tami, I love all those ideas!!! What exactly is in the jar for a light bulb and how is it powered...couldn't see a cord!??

  2. Hey Tami, what's in the jar that you're talking about is a solar light, think of the ones that are from dollarama. just remove the stake-if it doesn't come off on its own, you could also saw it off!