Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

So on Wednesday, I had to make a trip to Portage along Highway 16 in order to see if I won $10, 000.  Confused?  Because I'd purchased a vehicle from my dealership at a time when they were celebrating their 25th anniversary, I'd been entered to win the money and door prizes.  Unfortunately, I didn't win, and was the 6th person to be taken out of the race.

The day wasn't a total loss though.  I hit my favorite thrift store and find some really awesome things, one of which has me beyond happy!

The first was an old toaster from 1915.  I don't know if you had ever seen one of the older toasters, but they're not easy to find.  I've always seen them before just on TV.  Well, I found this lovely piece for only $6!

To me, she looks like a piece of art.  And for those of you who don't know how she works, look below:

On both sides, the "gates" pop open to put the slice of bread in.  From my way of thinking, you'd then place it on the element.  Pretty cool!

So this isn't a formal display, but just something I set up for you to see.  In the middle in the antique hand garden rake that I found for only $1.  I've seen them attached to walls as hooks, but how this particular one is made, I don't think it would work that well.  I think it makes a cute display piece for the summer though!

I nearly squeeled when I saw these.  I'm in desperate need of organization for the classroom, and as we all know, organization usually means dollars!  This pack of three was only $3.50.  The idea that I have for it is to store the kids toys and gear for outside, like balls, frisbees, etc.

And these are all the books I got for only $5.45.  Now one of them I think I have (a professional development one), but if I come across mine, I'll just share it with a fellow teacher.  Now, originally these books used to cost $98.39 (plus taxes) so I did amazing.  What I also appreciate is that most of these look brand new.  The only old books my students tend to touch is the joke books, so having a book that looks great, means it will get read!

I love my favorite thrift store!!

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