Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Buck Couch

So a while ago, I picked up a couch for only 10 bucks through ebrandon.  If you're not familiar with ebrandon, it's a site that is similar to kijiji, but also includes news, forums, etc.  Ebrandon covers not just Brandon, but the Westman area and then some.  It stretches from the Saskatchewan border east to MacGregor, and from the American border all the way up to Onanole.

Is it my dream couch?  Nope, not by far.  It's simply something to do until I can save for what I want.  In the meantime, it's usually covered by a bedsheet due to the dogs hair though.  However, after not having a couch for over 7 months, the dogs and I do agree it's quite dreamy to sit upon!!

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