Monday, August 8, 2011

Chair Reveal

So I am so excited to finally show a reveal to you..well sorta.  It may look finished, but I still have to screw the seat down (I need to find that particular screwdriver-it might be in the garage).  So I've shared this chair with you before, at least what it looked like.  Need a reminder?

Pretty sorry looking eh?  I liked the lines though and I thought I could redo it...

So with a lot of effort, I managed to turn this chair into this:

Ignore the internet box in the background and the ugly curtains, but I think it turned out really great!  I used Behr's Delicate Lace, and though I love the color, I hated the paint for furniture (tried it on other pieces too).  It was quite hard to work with.

The fabric and new cushion that I bought came from Fabricland.  It took a couple of trips as I initially bought too little of fabric.

In total, including the cost of the chair, the makeover came to about $50, with the foam taking the biggest chunk of the budget.  The dog, is priceless...

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