Monday, August 8, 2011

Job Charts and Classroom Library

In my classroom this year, I am determined to get more of a grip on my organization.  Last year, I was pulled into the classroom with only two days notice, which was spent moving across the province.  Needless to say, everything I did was day by day.

Now that I'm permanent and can really plan ahead, I'm doing just that.  This weekend was spent making cute scrapbook cards for my classroom library and job roles.  These will be laminated to protect them.  The next step after that will be to apply magnets for the job roles (I have 5 white boards) and then for the classroom library, apply Velcro to attach the cards to the buckets.  So while I'm not completely finished, I wanted to share with you the pictures...Enjoy!

Classroom Library:

If you're wondering why there are colors, I label all my fiction books by level:  yellow for easier reading, blue for middle of the road, and red for harder reading.  I stopped labelling last year and surprisingly, students didn't like it.  I thought they didn't follow it because they would never be put in the correct spot!  I definitely plan on adding more labels as needed.  Oh, and if you're wondering about why I chose hockey instead of sports, my kids are fanatics about hockey, not sports per se!

Job Charts:

As we usually have students missing each year, our job chart definitely required substitutes.  We don't have guinea pigs yet, but I made it for the day when we're ready for them!

Bean Bag Schedule:

We also have bean bag chairs, as part of our classroom library.  They are quite popular and without a schedule, they create a lot of problems!  One of the issues that we ran into last year was that while it was written on the board, students names would sometimes get erased.  Hopefully, this won't happen.

What's missing?

Right now, I'm making name cards for the bean bag schedule and the job chart, which will also be laminated.  When everything is done and up, I'll show you all the pics!


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