Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organization Bins/Drawers: Before and After

So in my search for better (and cuter) organization, I came across a couple of pictures that wowed me.  You know how in your bins you can see right into them?  I don't know if you're like me, but sometimes it can end up looking messy inside due to various materials.

The idea?  Place scrapbook paper on the inside of the front of each of the bins!  What  you'll get is this (though there is one last step missing, little tags to announce what's inside-I'll have to pick that up from the city the next time I'm in):

How do you do it?

1.  Measure each bin with a ruler.  Measure it's width and height of the drawer.  Cut out paper needed for drawer.

2.  Place paper inside the drawer with the patterned part of the paper looking towards you (so you can see it through the clear bin).

3.  Use transparent tape to secure paper to bin; at sides and bottom.

4.  Attach a label to the front of the drawer to show contents.  As I'm waiting to buy these, these are some examples that you could use:

Now one snag that I ran into was that the inside of my drawers weren't flat.  I worked around that by mac-tacking the inside part of the paper just to give it an extra bit of protection.

I plan to do this with a few others I have, but pretty cute I think!

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