Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cheap Backboard Material for Your Bulletin Boards

So while some of my American friends have already started teaching, our school year here in Manitoba doesn't start for about another 3 weeks.  I've been in my classroom every day attempting organization.  How's it going?  Well, it's going.  A bit slow at times, but it's going.

Today I started concentrating on my bulletin boards, and I thought I'd share with you all what I did.  Before coming to Waywayseecappo, I'd never encountered anyone who used this particular material for their bulletin boards.  In the past when I haven't been able to get material from the school, I'd use fabric, which could get a bit expensive.  When I came to Wayway, I was in the middle of nowhere and not sure what to use.  I don't like using regular paper as kids will destroy it.  The librarian Barb, said I have something for you, and returned to my classroom holding tablecloths.  Tablecloths?  Yup, but not fabric ones.  Plastic ones that you can easily buy at the dollar store.

These particular ones are $1 each from Dollarama.  I had bought four a while back.

I should have taken pictures, but they are easy to put on so a lot of explanation shouldn't be necessary.  Start with one table cloth and one bulletin board.  Unfold table cloth and attach table cloth to bulletin board, stapling along the top.  As you go to staple the sides and bottom, make sure you're smoothing the material as you go.  I tend to secure about every 4 inches.  What you'll get is this:

Which as you do your other boards, will look like this:

Just don't mind the mess!

Happy Bulletin Boards!

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