Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacation Time Nearly Over

So my vacation is nearly at an end.  The dogs and I head back tomorrow morning with the truck full of things for school.  I got some awesome deals and will be showing them off in the days to come!  It's been quite relaxing and just what I (and the boys) needed!  Coby got to run his heart out in the huge fenced in back yard, while Milo got to learn to be more okay with hanging with other dogs.

I didn't get really any pictures except for two (I discovered my camera is really on the fritz). Here are two taken from the pow wow with two of my former students!

This is Cheyenne and I; Cheyenne is a Jingle Dancer as evident by the Jingles on her dress!  Cheyenne is now entering Grade 9.

This is Daphne and I; Daphne is a Fancy Dancer, which is evident by the shawl she is wearing.  

I had a great week though hanging out with my friend Becky and seeing lots of other friends from Sandy Bay.  It'll be good to get home though and get ready for the start of school just around the corner though!

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