Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspiration for a Beach Cake

My E.A. and I have decided to take on birthday cakes this year for our students.  We'll celebrate each month of birthdays with a cake for all to share.  Being that school starts in September, I figure that we'll celebrate July and August all at once for the first day of school.  When I think of the summer, I think of the beach, the water, the swimming.  So, that's my plan...not entirely sure exactly what I'm doing-I know I'm thinking rectangular, and making a pool out of gelatin, but beyond that, not a lot of thought.  Here's some ideas not only for me, but for you too!

Sugarlicious shares this design. I love the people-so lifelike!

One person shared this neat idea of decorating graham teddy bears as snorkelers and using fish crackers...I love it!

Frazi came up with the design.  I'm so digging the sand, which just uses crushed graham totally looks like sand!

This next one, I can't find the designer, but it's beauty and creativity really wowed me.

Allison at Cakes by Allison posted this incredible 3 tier cake that I thought was so elegant yet so pretty. 

Any of you tried beach themed cakes?  What were some of your ideas?

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