Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Memo Books = Great Gifts!

So I was lucky enough to have a friend from my area go into the city and pick me up something at Staples.  What was it?  It was little mini memo books, that were on sale for only 10 cents a pack (2 in a pack).  They are regular $1.98 per package!

You might be thinking why would these be worth my time and money?  Well, kids love them!  Some of my students bought some similar ones (though much more expensive) through the book orders last year, and they were the hit of the classroom.  So while I'm going to use them for prizes and rewards, you could use them as a stocking stuffer, party favors, or even for grocery lists!

The sale runs to Tuesday, August 16.  To make sure you can get them in your area, head over to Staples' website, enter your postal code and then click on the in-store flyer!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I'm a staples junkie ... it's bad. I'll post a pic one day for you to see what I have =\ this is the time to get stuff for SUPER cheap. especially when Walmart and Staples get into their bidding wars on prices. Loose leaf, Hilroy 80-page notebooks and blue Papermate Med. point pens are my favourite items, but everything from electronics to erasers are dirt cheap this time of year :)