Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deals From MCC (Once Again!)

So while out visiting a good friend in Amaranth, I was able to get into Portage once.  My first stop?  My favorite thrift store in the whole world, and wow, did I do well!!  I got tons of stuff for the classroom, and even a couple of things for myself.  So, what did I get?

  • 34 kids books
  • 1 hockey net
  • 3 craft packets (to be used as prizes)
  • Operation Game
  • Cranium Game
  • Sorry Game (Disney Edition)
  • Scrabble Junior Game
  • Mousetrap Game
  • Trouble Game
  • CSI mystery puzzle
  • A picture frame (that needs to be redone)
  • 2 vintage canning jars (so vintage they're blue)
  • 1 old tin
  • 1 teaching book
  • 1 legal folder container, containing hanging legal folders

I paid just under $50, and I really think that had I bought these things new, I would have paid easily over $500.   Here are some pictures of what I got!

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