Thursday, November 18, 2010

O' Christmas Tree...

Christmas is coming into a time of decorating where a traditional theme is being thrown out the window.  The new style is more unique and one that better reflects your family  and your home.  While I may not be able to completely do this to my tree this year due to still having no cash coming in :( , I'm still inspired to share some amazing ideas with you all.

So, if you're a fan of a beautiful tree, keep on reading!

1.  Color Theme

It is beautiful to stick to just a couple tones of colors as seen in these pictures below.  By focusing on just a couple of colors, its easier for the eye to focus on the beauty of the tree as a whole rather as pieces in a traditional tree that it filled with multi colors.  Notice that the colors don't even have to be Christmas related; they can be colors to match your home or current style trends.

2.  Colored Trees

Gone are the days where to have a colored tree was cheesy.  These trees are becoming statement makers and can be found in white, pink, black, red, and lime green. 

3.  Style Themes

Whatever the style of your home, stick with that...if you're home is modern and chic try something different like the picture using branches stuck in a giant vase.  If you have a country home, incorporate materials like gingam and plaid into it.  If you have a French Country theme, use toile material as a tree skirt and stick with a color scheme from the fabric. 

4.  Fun Themes

Whatever your passionate about, use it as a theme.  If you're into retro, create a tree based on retro ornaments.  If you're a movie fanatic, take your favorite video and recreate it on your tree. 

If there is one thing to remember about decorating your tree now is that there are NO RULES.  This is your tree.  Make it a reflection of you and your home.

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