Saturday, November 13, 2010

Best Cleaning Products Under 5 Bucks

So I'm a sucker for a great cleaning product.  I'm actually a lover though of anything I can use that makes cleaning easier while being friendly to me and to the environment.  See, I have asthma, which over the years has gotten a lot worse.  A lot of cleaners out there actually aggrevate my asthma-sometimes to the point, where I need to leave the area for a while.  Gone are those days because of finding products I love that work, fit my budget, and fit my health.

1.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This product is the best!  It's so gentle on your skin, no fumes, and tackles grime like you wouldn't believe.  I especially love the Bath Magic Eraser...tackles grime around grout, lime build up, the nasty bubble bath tub ring, water marks, and all kinds....  Price:  $4 and under

2.  Shoppers Drug Mart's Bio Life Series...multipurpose cleaner, tub and tile, and dishwashing soap

I've used this product for years...Not only does it smell great, but it's biodegradable made from actual plant ingredients.  It does really great on tackling the skum in the bathroom sink, making things shiny, cleaning up dust, etc...  Price:  $4 and under

3.  Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

When they say multi surface, they mean it...this product will clean my whole living room:  tv, wood entertainment centre, glass, you name it.  My mind can keep focusing on cleaning rather than thinking that I need to grab a different product.  It's awesome!  Cost:  $4 and under

4.  Clorox Wipes

I love something that disinfects that I can grab in an instant.  They work great for toilet lids and seats, but are great for disinfecting door knobs, cupboards, countertops, etc.  Cost:  $2 and under

5.  Comet

I remember my mom using this.  I find a lot of things on tv are gimmicks when it comes to the toilet bowl.  Whether using the real deal or a store brand cleaner, this is great.  Little bit of elbow grease, and you have a sparkling toilet inside.  And it's price, ah, I love it!  Cost:  Under a buck!

Cleaning should be about making your life easier...when I have a clean house, I feel better.  Go try a new product and give it a whirl.  You never know, it may change your life!

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