Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

So who doesn't love a great snowflake.  As mentioned in my giveaway, I was going to show you all how to make these.  An easy fun project, you can make a lot of snowflakes for very little money...

What you need:

Spray adhesive

This glitter from dollarama is a couple packages of each color set, and then mix the top 3 colors together to form one color set, and then mix the bottom 3 colors together to make another color set.  You end up with a glitter that's highly dimensional!

Plastic snowflakes
Notice how plain these are in their product selection?  They're beautiful but allow lots of room to jazz them up.  These were from dollarama.  You can 6 small ones for a buck or 3 medium for a buck.

Step 1:  Mix glitter together as described in picture above.

2.  Taking a plain snowflake, spray adhesive on one side (using paper to catch the rest of the spray).

3.  Place glued side in glitter.

5.  Press down and make sure glitter has evenly been distributed onto snowflake.

6.  Repeat steps for other side.

7.  Leave to dry properly on garbage bag.

8.  Tie nylon thread to hang.  Product will look like this (laying down).  See giveaway for a picture of it hanging up.

Hope you enjoy this easy craft that can be used throughout the winter season!

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