Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Support Your Local Artists

I think some people get art, and some people don't.  By get, I mean truly appreciate the time, the energy, the cost, and the passion it takes to create something beautiful.  What I love about art is that it's unique to the individual.  What you're drawn to is a direct expression of yourself.  That's one of the reasons why I create. 

As a mosaics and stained glass artist, I don't create for fame or fortune, because I have none.  I create to express how I feel, I create to show my passions, and I create because I have to.  Art is within me and without it, I don't feel quite whole.

Sold; This is one of my favorite pieces to date...

My newest mosaic...not entirely sure whether I'll sell it or not.  I was inspired by Klimt, Van Gogh, and Natasha Wescoat

Stepping stone; in silver, mirrored burgandy, black and cream

A stepping stone made for my best friend.

A commissioned piece

Another commissioned piece; her mother loved roosters and the mother's boyfriend was into Harleys.  One of my most inspirational pieces as just as I was to begin putting this together, the mother's boyfriend passed away.

Art is a great gift and it can be made personal to the person you're giving it to.  I think most people consider art a sculpture or a painting, but really it's anything that's been hand crafted-from sewing, to decals, to photography, and wooden projects.  So often we buy generic gifts from Wal-Mart or The Bay which are really are just one of a thousand more like it.  Buy purchasing art, you truly get a one of a kind gift for the person you're buying for.  Something that people may not often realize is that you customize your gift by directly dealing with an artist.  You can choose design concepts, colors, pictures, etc.  You have much freedom to make the perfect gift.

Now, I know some of you like me live in rural places and may not know where to go to get that gift or may not be able to go due to weather conditions, etc.  Well, I have the perfect place for you.  A friend introduced this place to me and it is fabulous. Currently, I'm not selling my work on it, but I do plan to sometime in the future.  It's  Etsy is a website that is like one giant shop for a whole bunch of artists.  You can find anything, at any price from the simple, to the creative, to the extreme, whatever you think of does exist.

Some of my favorites include (and these are profiles, so you just have to click on their shops from their profiles):

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