Sunday, November 7, 2010

Designer Throw Pillows (The Super Easy Way)

Who doesn't love a snazzy throw pillow!  They are easy to make if you want something stylish.  You can either sew your own cover or....

You can take an already bought pillow and jazz it up.

Can you tell which is the designer pillow???  You'll get it wrong!

From the Nate Berkus Show, they show taking a regular throw pillow bought from a store (if you shop hard, you should be able to find one for under $10.  You also need ric rac (this you'll have to go to a fabric store and ric rac comes in a variety of colors and widths) and also fabric glue.  His site also suggested a hot glue gun but I'm very picky with what I use for fabric.  It will leave ridges that you'll not only feel but also see.  Better to stick with a fabric glue.  You'll also need piping, a hand needle, and thread to match the color of piping (all from a fabric store).

1.  With a ruler and pencil (or even fabric pencil), draw the lines that you want your ric rac to follow.  Make sure when doing multiple lines, that you're keeping in mind adequite spacing. 

2.  Cut strips of ric rac to lines.  On each piece, using a small sponge, apply glue to completely cover the backing.  Apply to the pillow.  Repeat for other lines.  Let pillow dry before applying piping.

3.  Apply piping along the edge of the pillow , hand sewing in place. 

For more great ideas, check out the link:

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