Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Headboard Ideas

A headboard is a gorgeus piece of furniture to show off your bed.  Whether you like it or not, it is the elephant in the room that you can't miss.

From the diy network, they have a series of suggestions for some great headboards, all ideas that you can implement easily.

This idea uses curtain rods (attached to the wall and to the ceiling) and fabric.

This idea uses 3 separate pieces of plywood that are then covered with batting and material.  Notice that the material is 3 different fabrics, all related in pattern and close in color.

This headboard is canvas.  Using stretched canvas (from any art supply store), paint it as desired and hang.

This headboard is shelving to connnect to all the additional shelving in the room.

This headboard consists of many panels of squre plywood that are then covered in batting and fabric and hung so they fit snugly next to each other.

This headboard is actually a room divider.

This headboard is a padded headboard.

This headboard is rather all around the bed, making a wall headboard rather than a bed headboard.

Simply using art as the anchoring headboard.

For more great ideas, check out:

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